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About Us

MMG Financial Services was created by the people at Monaco Management Group (MMG.World).  The company was developed out of the need to give a full range of financial and consulting services to the very specialized clients already being served.   By virtue of the fact that the company is licensed and regulated by the central bank of Georgia we can now expand and fit our services into the full regulatory structure of global finance.  Georgia is uniquely positioned as a gateway to Europe and offers the dramatic benefits and flexibility of the best 'offshore' jurisdictions while at the same time providing the stability and respect given to the 'onshore' jurisdictions of old-world Europe with its modern banking and legal structure.   We feel that this gives us a unique advantage to provide our clients with the most 'avante-guard' solutions to age-old problems and with the utmost in security and oversight.   Contact us to begin a discussion on some possibilities.

We are a critical element bringing unusual capabilities to the Monaco Management Group

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