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Sponsor Your Own Investment Fund

Low Cost Long Term Capital for Projects and Business Expansion

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Proprietary Financial & Legal Technology

We are the exclusive licensed agent for a new and unique methodology which enables you to not only create your own investment fund which could raise up to $200 million or more for any legitimate business or development project, but we can also provide you with a captured national distribution channel to raise those funds for you in the United States.   Qualified accredited investors may contact us for more information.

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ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a great technique for startups to elevate their capital for their new idea in their business based on Blockchain. It imbibes all the benefits of the Blockchain Technology, such as being highly secure and having a rapid and expedient fundraising mechanism. ICOs are similar to IPOs. IPOs deal with investors, whereas, ICOs deal in providing faster options in bringing supporters who invest in a new venture across the world. Moreover, launching an IPO is a complex process which helps generally after a prolonged period of company’s growth and contribution. Whereas, launching ICOs are fast and easy providing a greater option for fundraising and internationalization.
We help our clients to gain the trust of their investors by providing a reliable and transparent ICO solution. We provide complete ICO solutions such as ICO platform launching, landing page creation, token creation and distribution, whitepaper drafting, Pre ICO and an extensive list of digital Initial Coin Offering Campaign and Post ICO services and Blockchain Software Development.

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