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MMG Financial Services

Discover Our Expertise

Business Meeting

Introductory Consultation

Let's Find the Best Path to Achieve Your Goals

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategize using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


Investment Planning

Growth with Security

We work hard to identify some of the best growth opportunities coming from new technologies and emerging markets in the world today.  Ask about our strategies for beating the markets with a portfolio of 'Alternative Assets'.  See our video 'Market Domination'

Digital social media

Payment Systems

New Ways of Transferring Value

The world is changing and your business needs to keep up or it will crumble along with the old way of doing things.  Let us explore new ideas for handling, managing and executing your transfers so that you can maximize your privacy, security and efficiency all in a completely secure environment.


Fiduciary Services

Keeping an Eye Out for You

As a member of our Inner Circle membership and with the mandate you authorize, the fiduciary relationships available are experienced, professional and solid.  You can rest assured that not only are you protected from predators but that new opportunities are always appearing to feast on.  In other words, the portfolio is secure, always on track and moving forward with a solid rearguard.

Privacy + Freedom = Prosperity.png

Internal Account Management Software

Manage Your Client Accounts

If you manage client accounts i.e. making deposits, tracking performance, distributing periodic profits with ingress and egress of funds or similar activity our online banking software system is the perfect solution for you.  Easy setup and configuration without the need to purchase and launch your own software package which is highly technical, complicated and costly.  Contact us to explore this further.

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Buy, Sell, Trade - Build a Portfolio

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming the preferred medium of exchange for direct, peer to peer transactions with no interference or monitoring from outside influences.  The big institutional money handlers are making preparations to make moves into this market.  We're still way ahead of the curve. Through your private trust account and offline cold storage you never need to be concerned about security, access or regulation in your home state.  Capital Gains?  Forget it.  Doesn't apply. You've never had it so good!

Some Specific Services

Gold card.jpeg

Gold Accounts

Store the value in a bonded Swiss Gold Vault and access it with a global debit card

There is a certain comfort knowing that your holdings are 'as good as gold', in fact they 'are' gold!  Yet there is nothing like having the convenience of being able to spend it with a debit card anywhere in the world, or whenever you like!


Private Estate Management

Trust Services for Any Purpose

You work hard and the fruits of your labor need to be carrying you and your family into the future.  Diligent experts can create a rock-solid trust system to meet personal or business needs both domestically or internationally and have the benefit of both worlds.  A private system can be created to meet your needs.  We provide you with a full educational series of videos.  Click Here

Display of Stock Market Quotes

Alternative Investment Portfolios

To Avoid the Bloodbath you Must Think Differently

We feel strongly that the traditional markets are due for a serious shakeup.  Therefore, we are actively involving ourselves in markets which are less likely to be affected and could possibly thrive if or when a meltdown may occur.  Let's discuss this important subject on this short video.


Passive Income

Steady, Effortless Growth

We have found some excellent ways of generating passive growth which accelerate over time and don't take on the risk or volatility of the traditional markets. It's perfect for retirement planning!  Take a look at the Powerful Trading System we've developed.  Click here for a short video.   

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