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Gold Warehouse Receipts

Convert Paper Fiat Into Hard Assets - Gold is Money

Receive documents of title according to the Swiss Code of Obligations. 
These documents of title are the equivalent of marketable securities and are freely transferable by endorsement. 
You can use them as collateral. 

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The Best of Both Worlds

You will have both:

 - Physical ownership of segregated precious metals and

 - Investment in official Swiss Regulated Securities. This provides maximum fungibility & liquidity of your assets by keeping unrestricted security of the physical metal. For the precious metals which the customer has acquired from us we arrange to issue Negotiable Warehouse Receipts from Switzerland.  The Swiss cantons of Uri and Zurich officially authorized our partner to issue documents of title according to the Swiss Code of Obligations. These documents of title are securities and are issued by our partner as negotiable warehouse receipts. They are freely transferable by simple endorsement.

The Ultimate in Private Banking

These certificates are regarded as commodities and are represented by weight and not currency value.  This means they are not reportable as other dollar-denominated instruments/securities would be.  Your private trust or trustee is listed on the face of the certificate.  The endorsement is on the back making it entirely negotiable as any marketable security might be otherwise.

Our Swiss storage company has its main office in the canton of Uri (Gotthard area). The precious metals are stored in high security vaults in Switzerland, entirely independent of the banking system. They also have facilities in Hong Kong. The internal controlling system (ICS) is certified according to the international standard ISAE 3402.

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Gold in vault.jpeg

10 Advantages at a Glance

  • Storage of value outside of the banking system

  • Maximum discretion with regard to the client’s data

  • Storage of gold, silver, platinum and palladium

  • Guaranteed authenticity of all deposited precious metals

  • Segregated storage with bar number on warehouse receipts

  • Direct property of the deposited good

  • Easy transferability through simple endorsement

  • Fungibility and liquidity of the precious metals

  • Acceptability of the warehouse receipts as collateral

  • Possibility of retrieval of the lot size mentioned at all times

Can You See The Advantages?  Contact  us today.

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