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MMG Capital Management and Trust Company is a separate entity registered in Sweden that provides professional trustee & management services.  Add to that the combined capabilities of the consulting team with The Monaco Management Group ( and you have the world of possibilities at your feet!

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Professional Trustee Services

When Experience Counts

Properly structured trusts can be immensely effective to achieve tremendous asset protection, privacy,  tax advantages, estate planning, even business and financial operations among other uses.  Having the proper structure is one thing.  Having it managed properly by knowledgeable, experienced trustees is another thing altogether.  We manage client trusts with a board of three trustees who have a combined experience in excess of 100 years in the trenches.  In this world of predatory attacks of all kinds you couldn't find a better team to have at the helm.

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Unparalleled Protection

Assets are managed on a multi-national basis.   We manage different types of accounts and relationships which are strategically positioned around the world in order to achieve maximum security, efficiency, and convenience for the clients we serve.  This de-centralized and multi-layered approach with redundancy on various levels provides an unparalleled level of privacy and protection (not to mention peace of mind) for our clients.

Carefree Drive

We Make it Easy

Do what you do best

Once we develop a plan with the proper structure in accordance with your objectives, you can rest easy knowing that you're in good hands and you have one less thing to worry about.  This puts you in position to focus on your priorities including your family and your lifestyle!

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